Singled Out

Single consumers today – the so-called ‘Undependents’ – are giving being single a completely new, and unapologetically positive, meaning. The majority are consciously choosing to remain single and focus on other priorities over finding a relationship. And there are lots of them – an estimated 19 million, in fact.


They don’t feel properly understood by brands – and that brands fail to connect with them in a meaningful and resonant way.

A brand new report – based on 2022 research – uncovers the state of the single nation right now and gives some constructive pointers to how brands can – and really should – do better in talking to them.

Eye-opening Insights

Read our report ‘Singled Out’ for a digestible download of new insight and inspiration – much of it will make very surprising reading for brands and should encourage a rethink of communication strategies. Insights include:


  • Which groups feel especially misrepresented (and why)
  • Why single status is leading to more fulfilled lives
  • How singles view financial independence
  • What five categories singles spend more money on
  • What are the main concerns of single people today
  • What brands can do to better understand and communicate with singles

Read the report today

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For full research findings and detailed and in-depth insights on how to better target the single demographic, contact: Becks Rhodes, Planning Director at