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5G Innovation: What Tech Leaders Are Anticipating

With technology trends constantly in flux around us, one area where we’ve seen consistent evolution is that of wireless networks. We are now on the fifth generation of wireless networks, and with 5G comes a plethora of new opportunities for technology innovation, including developments in AI, cybersecurity and big data collection and organization.

5G works to deliver faster data speeds, more reliable service and a boost in the development of other new and improved technologies such as high-quality video conferencing and first responder equipment. The new technology solutions that 5G makes possible will make for better communication and faster access to information across multiple industries.

5G has become an exciting key topic of conversation across the tech world, including a recent forum hosted by Axios, which focused on the accelerated shift to new network technology and how 5G enables businesses, communities and consumers to work better and faster.

The forum featured a number of 5G experts, including Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon, who discussed interesting ways 5G is currently being used.

Christiano illustrated the evolution of wireless networks by stating that, “5G is doing to video what 4G did to music.” Meaning that with 5G technology, we are able to stream the highest quality video at extremely fast speeds – something that simply was not possible with 4G. He also discussed how 5G is helping to improve video conferencing technology, which has been hugely important for both enterprises and consumers in the past year’s shift to working from home – a trend that is not expected to go away any time soon as we consider the future of work.

In addition to the tech world’s discussions on current uses of 5G, there is an increased focus on how 5G will enable the technology of the future. During the forum, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg highlights the magnitude of connectivity that 5G will make possible going forward:

“On 5G I can connect one million devices per square kilometer… At the same time in 4G, I can do at this at best with one hundred thousand.”

Qwake Technologies co-founder John Long also highlighted places we can expect to see this improved 5G connection show up in the future, using the example of first responders and how the technology will help improve communication and increased access to information about their surroundings:

“We are offering a visual communications platform to first responders, the goal of which is to enhance their perception by doing things like letting them see in the dark and see through smoke, and also using things like cellular technology like Verizon’s 5G to increase group coordination.”

As this generation of wireless networks is just getting started, we have so much to anticipate from this technology. Not only will 5G bring us new gadgets, but in a time where we are more physically separated than ever, it will keep us better informed and better connected.