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In the ecommerce and retail industry, disruption is the new normal. How we shop, where we shop, and what we shop is constantly changing. With over twenty years of experience, we know how to help both ecommerce and retail brands, and those trying to reach them, define and repeat success in their PR, comms, and marketing.

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Deliver Desire and Demand

Ignite the human possibilities in ecommerce and retail

With a rapidly changing industry, ecommerce and retail brands need to leverage cutting edge PR, comms and marketing services to attract and engage the right customers, and ultimately increase sales. Luckily, Hotwire has over twenty years of experience in the industry and knows how to deliver repeatable success.

Managing Reputation
With a significant depth of clients from the world’s biggest online retailers, to those supplying them with smart technologies, we not only have the relationships with the media and influencers that matter to this industry, but the understanding of the stories that they’re looking for to shape our PR programmes.

Forging Connections
Engaging customers, partners and the industry is key to cutting through. We have long-standing experience in supporting brands to show up at the right retail and ecommerce events from NRF, ShopTalk, SXSW, and more.

Powering Revenues
We know that delivering sales is the most important thing when you’re an ecommerce or retail brand which is why we use data-driven insights to understand the most engaging topics to directly engage target audiences through ABX, digital marketing and social media marketing, and drive them to take action.


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Our services activate and deepen awareness and engagement to boost reputation; raise the number, value and scope of relationships and accelerate and grow new and repeat revenue. All to help you drive business growth.

Public Relations

We offer a comprehensive suite of PR services to enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation. Our capabilities transcend borders, delivering impactful results that resonate with diverse audiences worldwide.

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Social Media Marketing

Getting the right presence for brand and executives across social channels is crucial. From organic to paid, we help our technology clients maximise their social profiles and deliver real business impact.

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Feel the buzz of networking, as influential voices mingle and ideas collide. With our meticulous planning and unrivaled creativity, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases, leaving an indelible imprint on the minds of attendees.

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