Research & Insights

Uncover the untapped potential of your market. Through meticulous data analysis, consumer insights, and trend tracking, we dive deep into the heart of your target audience, decoding their desires, motivations, and preferences.

Insights to drive business decisions

Make data-driven decisions with detailed market research

We help our technology clients obtain relevant information about target customers, competitors, trends, and market dynamics to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies.

We do this through employing techniques such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, data analysis, and market segmentation. This effective research enables brands to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and optimise their PR, comms, and marketing programmes with compelling creative campaigns.

Account and Executive Dossiers
We create Account and Executive Dossiers that provide insights into the strategic priorities of target accounts and the key decision makers. This allows you to strategically align your messages and conversation with key executives to drive more effective sales and marketing campaigns.

Competitor Insights
By conducting in-depth competitive and industry analysis, we provide our clients with valuable insights into their competitors’ strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning. This information allows businesses to understand their competitive landscape and make smarter decisions to stay ahead.

Customer Surveys
We know how to craft research projects and surveys that allow our clients to better understand their customers. Then, we utilise those findings to turn data into stories to inform content across media, social channels, blogs and more.


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Strategy & Planning

Our legacy in the tech space goes deep, rooted in pioneering innovation and groundbreaking campaigns. With our strategy and planning teams, we harness this heritage to create transformative narratives, launch disruptive campaigns, and shape industry perceptions.

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PR Measurement

Measuring the effectiveness of your PR campaigns helps identify areas where you can refine your strategies and take action to make informed decisions and demonstrate a tangible value to stakeholders.

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Marketing Data & Analytics

Enhance business growth through optimized insights and measurement for your digital marketing and influencer campaigns with our IQ Solutions.

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