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HotTakes with Kiva: How to Lean into Your Superpowers

In a moment of crisis, a business should really lean into its superpowers and consider, what do we already do really well that can help right now?

That’s according to Henrique Saboia, VP of Growth at Kiva, who we talk with on this inaugural episode of HotTakes, a new podcast series where we’ll talk with industry experts in the tech space to offer creative insight and strategies for marcomms professionals.

Kiva is an international nonprofit that was founded 15 years ago with the mission of creating a financially inclusive world. As a crowdfunding platform, Kiva offers loans to underserved communities around the world in 80+ countries, contributing to economic and social good.

In this episode, Henrique shares the steps Kiva took to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis, how marketing professionals can lead cross-functionally within organizations, and what the next steps are for brands and marketers as we enter the ‘hopeful recovery’ phase.

Watch below, or listen on Spotify or Google Podcasts.