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Coming Soon: Auto Tech Innovators on Camera (and in go-karts)

Streets Ahead, Hotwire’s auto tech web series, is back – this time featuring 10 more companies disrupting the automotive and mobility industries.

With a whole host of innovative companies on board, we wanted to change up the format for these episodes. So this time we took our contributors to a go-karting track in east London to see how they performed on the track, as well as on camera.

Alongside some fiercely competitive racing, the real action took place in front of the camera with all of our attendees lining up to interview each other on film, answering some of the most pressing questions about their businesses and the industry.

As for what they had to say, you’ll have to wait for the videos to go live. In the meantime, here’s a quick teaser (below) to whet your appetite.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks to all of the companies who came along on the day to demonstrate their prowess on the track and on film: Waze, Chariot, Faxi, Zebra Fuel, Pivot Power, Nuvve, Tantalum Corporation, Otonomo, Ecomobix and Y Mobility.

Watch this space for the first full videos, coming soon…