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Health Tech Weekly Round Up: 22 February

This week saw a number of must-read stories hit the headlines as tech giants, multinationals and governmental bodies focused on digital health, wellness and innovation. From Johnson & Johnson announcing a partnership with Apple, Microsoft continuing to make moves in IoT, AI and cloud computing, the potential expansion of the Babylon-powered GP at Hand, and the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement banding together to create NHSX.  

You can read more on each of these headlines below. 

Top Stories

Johnson & Johnson CEO speaks on its partnership with Apple – can the Apple Watch detect and diagnose heart irregularities? 

Medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods giant Johnson & Johnson is leveraging the Apple Watch as part of a cardiovascular study in a bid to improve the time taken to detect atrial fibrillation, which effects 33 million people worldwide. 

Microsoft continues to develop its health tech offering via AI IoT and cloud computing  

Building next generation health networks, developing its hardware by releasing a patent to help tackle Parkinson’s and support the transition of health care data into more community-based locations, the tech company had plenty to talk about this week. 

NHS could see expansion for Babylon-powered ‘GP at Hand’ reach West Midlands in move towards digital healthcare 

Following the NHS retracting initial objections, Babylon’s GP at Hand could soon be coming to Birmingham, meaning appointments could be booked digitally, 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the area. 

Following the release of the NHS’s 10 Year Plan, a new ‘NHSX’ unit to oversee its digital transformation will be created 

A new unit dedicated to overseeing digital transformation – the key areas of focus will be coordination and consistency, setting standard, driving implementation, radical innovation, common technologies and services, reforming procurement, cyber policy, digital capability and governance. 

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