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Health Tech Weekly Round Up: 8 March

In this week’s roundup, find out how the NHS will be leveraging CMR Surgical’s use of robotics to save costs and reduce the invasiveness of keyhole surgery. This comes hot on the heels of Google and Johnson & Johnson announcing plans to develop Verb Surgical robots and Medtronic teasing the release of a robotic surgery system in 2020. Health Tech headlines focused on collaboration, with Samsung unveiling its integration with Calm, Fitbit partnering with Adidas and Amazon’s new research programme with Harvard. Also, continuing the monitoring theme, find out how Senseonic is enabling healthcare professionals to view glucose levels in real time.

Top Stories

Samsung Health app now integrates with Calm’s mindfulness and meditation programmes

Samsung has partnered with mental wellbeing company Calm to bring digital mindfulness to the Samsung Health app. Samsung Health allows users to track various life metrics including diet, physical activity and sleep, while Calm provides audio-based programmes designed to reduce anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia. The integration allows users to access the Mindfulness icon within the Samsung Health app and sync this with their Calm account for further access to audio-based programmes.

NHS To Introduce UK-Built Robotic Surgery

UK tech company CMR Surgical has revealed a new robotic surgery system – the Versius robot. Versius is built to assist with surgeries in UK hospitals, helping to drive cost-saving, increase productivity and reduce the invasiveness of keyhole surgery. The system has two modular arms with flexible joints which can be used by a surgeon with a 3D screen, as well as joysticks that help make small incisions.

Fitbit is partnering with Adidas and Blue Apron for an activity rewards programme

Fitbit announced its partnership with Adidas, Blue Apron and Deezer for a new rewards programme in Beta. The programme is currently undergoing testing, but Fitbit plans to launch a paid version of the service later this year. It will provide users with points for activities including steps, active minutes and sleep to reward users with discounts from these partners if users achieve their health goals.

Amazon technology to cut costs, boost efficiency in US hospitals

Amazon is strengthening its ties with the US healthcare industry though a new research programme with a Harvard teaching hospital. It is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce hospital administration costs and increase efficiency. It will help automatically scan and file documents, update records and forms and manage surgical appointments with increased efficiency. This move towards digital health technology can avoid “precious resources being diverted away from patient care,” said Dr Matt Wood, Amazon machine learning general manager.

Senseonics and Glooko partner to enable better diabetes management

Senseonics is integrating data from its Eversense continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system into the Glooko diabetes data management platform using the Senseonics Cloud. This allows Eversense users and healthcare professionals to view glucose levels in real time. The Eversense CGM device uses a sensor that is injected into the user’s arm to identify and transmit data to the mobile app. This displays glucose levels and can send vibratory alerts to the user if glucose levels exceed high or low levels. Senseonics president and CEO Tim Goodnow said: “With personalised medicine at the forefront of healthcare, data integration between Eversense CGM and Glooko helps provide customised data for users.”

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