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HotTakes: Six Steps to Implementing AI

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AI, artificial intelligence demonstrated by machines, is one of the fastest growing and buzziest corners of the tech world. Everyone wants to boast about leveraging AI technology but the reality remains, AI implementation will fail if companies do not prepare to implement successful AI projects.

On this episode of HotTakes, Ken Ozeki, Manager of Media Strategy at Hotwire, talks to Tom Taulli, an industry analyst, Forbes contributor, and author of the new book “Implementing AI Systems: Transform Your Business in 6 Steps.”

Tom has been developing software since the 1980s. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, dating back to his days in college when he started his first company which focused on the development of e-learning systems. Along the way, Tom has written columns in,, and and currently has a Forbes column where he dives into trends around Artificial Intelligence and serves as an advisor to various companies in the space. 

On our latest HotTakes, Tom dives into trends around Artificial Intelligence and answers Ken’s questions including:

  • What is the biggest misconception businesses have about AI?
  • What’s the most important thing to know and prepare before launching your project?
  • Who is doing it well and what can other companies learn from them?

Watch below or listen on Spotify.