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Introducing Hotwire Connect

Adele Breen

Adele Breen

Marketing and communications experts are well aware of the dramatically shifting landscape we’re all trying
to navigate, and the mounting pressure to prove the value of our work. It’s not just agencies bearing the
brunt of this. Client roles are rapidly changing as business expectations shift to adapt to the global
economy, changing customer behaviours and the evolution of technologies like AI.

Our clients are expected to make better decisions, faster. As we reflected on these market dynamics, we
felt a clear need to establish a client benefits programme that goes beyond traditional, SOW-centric
relationships. The program we’ve created – Hotwire Connect – is designed to really invest in the people
and organisations we’re so proud to work with.

A longstanding philosophy for Hotwire, and one I truly believe in, is that the client relationship should go
beyond the transactional. We always look at what added value we can bring, not just to the business but for
our individual clients.

Hotwire Connect will formalise a community within which our clients can share knowledge, expertise, and
insight. Innovation, after all, does not happen on its own: it grows through relationships of trust, knowledge-
sharing, and co-creation. Our role is to provide the platform and headspace to do this. Whether it’s through
one-to-one training sessions, hosting exclusive events or simply connecting people across our networks.

Hotwire Connect’s inaugural event on how Generative AI will change – and is already changing – the
nature of marketing and communications will take place in November. As clients face mounting pressure to
explore how GenAI tools can add to and drive efficiencies in their program, the discussion will support
attendees in developing a clear plan for trialling this technology with clear safeguards in place. Clients can
look forward to receiving an invitation soon.