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Think you’re one of the UK’s most Disruptive Companies? Enter Disruption50 now

We are proud to say that we have launched Disruption50, an index of the most disruptive businesses in the industry, together with our partner D/SRUPTION. Whether it is a brandnew business just scaling up, or an existing firm breaking its own mould, the Disruption50 will be a showcase of remarkable work, dedicated teams and ground-breaking business models. 

I know what you’re thinking. There’s a new list of tech firms “shifting paradigms” or “transformative world-leading businesses” popping up every week… so isn’t this just another bit of marketing fluff contributing to an as-yet-unrecognised bubble? 

Well, I’ve got three arguments which will hopefully persuade you otherwise:

The distruptor and the disrupted

Firstly, it is being led by the team from Disruption, a unique (not a word I use lightly, believe me) community of industry leaders providing insight and advice on the rapidly changing business world. Experts on the risks and rewards of new technology and thinking, Disruption brings together the disrupted and the disruptors on a daily basis, allowing them to learn from each other and work together more effectively. 

The Judges

Secondly, Disruption has put together a quite incredible panel of judges to whittle down all the nominations to just 50. From the world’s largest telcos, financial services, IT firms and pharmaceutical companies, through to those investing in and working with some of the brightest minds, day-in, day-out. And yes, yours truly makes it onto the list by virtue of our relationship with Disruption… though you know, I’d like to think I’ve met enough over-enthusiastic CEO/founders in the last 20 years to pick the swimmers and the sinkers by now. 

Introducing Swarm AI

Lastly, we wouldn’t be eating our own dog food unless we added in a little technology sparkle…in addition to the might of the panel, the Disruption50 will also be informed by the Swarm AI engine, developed by Unanimous AI. Before you scoff at this as some gimmick, take a second to review these publications, demonstrating how Swarm works alongside groups of humans to make more informed decisions using dense neural networks. I’m ready to admit right now that I will take all the help I can get to find the most deserving nominations amongst what will no doubt be an incredible list. 

I really can’t wait for the judging day itself. As a self-confessed tech fanboy, the chance to review the best of the best is too good to miss, not least because we’ll get to see the wide range of marketing and comms strategies which sit atop these incredible businesses. 

The Disruption50 is ready to hear from you right now and the finalised index will be announced later this year at Disruption Summit Europe in London. Hope to see you there. 

To nominate a company or to apply to be part of the list for free just visit