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Video – the (not so) secret weapon…

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During these times of uncertainty, with many events being cancelled and businesses working differently to usual, you may find some challenges in ensuring your brand is still fresh, relevant and engaging your audience. At the same time, with even our social lives going virtual, your audience has never been more invested in engaging with video content. Whether your goal is to promote the launch of an upcoming product that would have been launched at an event or to replicate an interview that would normally have been filmed face to face, there are a variety of tactics which can be used to produce a great piece of content without having to shoot anything live. Here are some tactics that that are both effective and simple to execute:


  • Make the use of existing b-roll: The easiest and most inexpensive way to create a good piece of video content is to dig out any existing and relevant b-roll or content you may have. Make sure that this is relevant to the theme of your video. When editing there are clever ways to incorporate footage from different films into one to enable it to flow and produce an engaging piece of content.


  • Virtual talking heads: Another great execution is an interview style video. Here at Hotwire, we have introduced a programme where we can still support our clients’ video needs by providing them with technology, such a mics or lapel speakers, tripods, so that spokespeople can self-shoot interview style videos. This is achieved by advising and sending the correct specialised equipment, but make sure your spokespeople have written guidance on how to set it up and use it. Make sure you script, script, script and have top tips on how to speak in front of the camera. To ensure the video grabs the audience’s attention, some motion graphics or existing b-roll can be added where relevant.


  • Animated videos: A slightly higher value option is an animated video. This option is really impactful when you want to make your content visual and to create compelling visual messages that you wouldn’t normally be able to shoot on camera. Animation helps you bring any concept to life: it can be fun, engaging and hook the audience from the off. This could be another great way to launch a product or campaign in a fun and engaging way.


So, there you have it: three ways you can still use video to promote your business without needing to physically shoot anything. Your content can then be used on social media to keep your channels alive, or to upload to your website. Consumers are ingesting far more content now they’re at home, so why not keep them occupied and interested in your business?