Blood Bank Bag


We take great pride in striving for equality so when UNILAD asked us to promote its #BloodWithoutBias campaign, we jumped at the chance.

Hotwire delivered an award-winning PR strategy that raised awareness of the discriminatory policy in the UK’s blood donation system.

With FreedomToDonate, we launched The Illegal Blood Bank through the #BloodWithoutBias website and a national campaign designed to challenge the law.

The Illegal Blood Bank proved that by using an alternative method for identifying safe donors, irrespective of their sexuality, 100% of the blood donated was perfectly safe to use.

Before the blood was disposed of, in accordance with the law, we exhibited the blood bags at key Central London locations to demonstrate the amount of safe blood going to waste.

The Results

Hotwire secured 57 pieces of broadcast, national and lifestyle coverage including BBC London, ITV News, HuffPost, MailOnline and BBC Radio 2.

The campaign won 22 industry awards.

More importantly, the campaign helped change the law and the old legislation was finally overturned.


Pieces of coverage


Industry awards


Government legislation changed

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