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A report by Hotwire and House of Beautiful Business

AI is reshaping brand narratives. How can brand leaders refine their own as we move toward a radically tech-forward future?

AI is changing the way brands interact with their customers, how they use customer data, and design products and marketing assets alike.  As we stand on this critical juncture, two major questions emerge: How should brand leaders navigate this new era? And what should they do with the narrative space that emerges beside it?

The Beautiful Future of AI and Brands

To engage in these questions, from both informed and imaginative viewpoints, we invited input from a wide range of experts at the forefront of AI, journalists, cyber-psychologists, designers and brand leaders. Their perspectives unravel the trends and narratives shaping the business landscape and societal perceptions.

Embracing Change with the Brands in the Age of AI Matrix

In response to the evolving landscape, we developed a brand-new positioning framework: The Brands in the Age of AI Matrix to encapsulate the spectrum of brand value propositions. From efficiency-focused brands to experience-centric ones, this matrix identifies four distinct personas with different views and approaches to AI to help brand leaders determine their brand AI journey.


Brand narratives in the age of AI

This piece of thought leadership highlights key themes and objectives brand leaders should reflect on as we move toward a radically tech-forward future.

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