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Salesforce has become famous for delivering world class cloud-based enterprise applications and part of it’s offering to partners enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to build and host their own cloud-based applications on its platform. Recruiting ISVs is a key part of Salesforce’s growth strategy, and it needs a way to create an ongoing stream of potential ISV partners from all of the global. Discovery and insights show that to persuade ISVs to develop and host their apps on the Salesforce platform, first must be trust and the inspiration to do so.


Social platform LinkedIn and regular digital comms offered the most impactful potential for ongoing relationship-building for Salesforce, even greater than tactical communications or events. Using a successful community builder model, Salesforce was able to build, engage and nurture an active community of prospects using a full-time, actively managed community to facilitate the process. The ‘Enterprise Apps Revolution’ LinkedIn community for Salesforce was born.


The development of the Enterprise Apps Revolution delivered a continuous flow of highly qualified ISV leads for Salesforce at a fraction of the cost of using traditional marketing channels. With nearly 200 leads in the nurturing phase the teams were delighted with the results – and we are now looking to extend the community into more countries and regions.



Sales accepted leads


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ISV partners



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