Influencing perceptions of PDFs


Adobe wanted to transform perceptions of the PDF category among a younger audience, increasing excitement and associating it with succeeding at work. The PDF Like a Boss positioning was developed to promote consumer apps like Adobe Scan.


Hotwire worked on the strategy and plan for PDF Like a Boss influencer activation, a partnership with Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk. This highlighted the importance of decluttering to work more efficiently, making the point that Adobe apps help declutter your life just like Bobby.


The partnership spanned campaign, studio, demand and beyond. We maximised opportunities by using the video shoot with Bobby to secure interviews with People, Cosmopolitan and HuffPost, which guaranteed at-launch coverage.


By coordinating with Adobe and Bobby Berk’s social teams, we ensured video, social and media coverage dropped at the same time for maximum impact. Impressive results included 20,000 link clicks and almost 1m video views. In other words, we bossed it.


Link clicks via Doc Cloud and Bobby’s social channels


Media impressions


Video views

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