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This one-to-few account-based marketing campaign supported revenue growth of $100m across target financial services accounts in EMEA. Focused on tier one banking clients, the creative theme brought to life the key challenges faced by the sector and how our client offered a joined-up approach to solve these challenges. The key insight that inspired this campaign is that by 2030, 80% of financial firms will either go out of business or be rendered irrelevant by new competition, changing customer behaviours, and advances in technology, according to Gartner. This ABM campaign directly focused on this insight and set out on creating a value proposition and approach that meets this critical sector challenge head on.


The increasing volume and velocity of challenges in the financial services sector accompanied by slow growth highlights the need for seamless orchestration and connectivity in all financial services business operations. The discovery of this insight determined the strategic business value of the client to the financial services sector in EMEA.

The high value hero asset told the story, combined with a content-hub powered with insight and thought-leadership, perspective papers, social outreach, email nurture, bespoke events, blogs and thought-leadership. All using the same cut through messaging and aligning to the objective and ambition for the ABM program.


Financial services sector research, together with bespoke account insights led to the collaborative development of a value proposition for the client that highlighted the critical sector challenge. It also inspired the cut-through creative idea that meant that the message could resonate and land with Chief Technology Officers and Chief Operations Officers in the target banks. The thought leadership and ABM content achieved engagement and ignited actions across our target accounts. More importantly, the campaign truly engaged the sales teams across the EMEA region, giving them much needed support and penetration into their target accounts. Their focus, professionalism and exacting standards have provided the benchmark for best in class account based marketing.



Tier 1 banks


engagement across target market


C-level contacts engaged 


supported pipeline

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